Student voices and choices

My intention was by introducing materials such as sand, feathers and leaves was to enrich the students understanding of the potential that the ‘seeming chaos’ would have to offer the children in their placement settings for adventure, discovery, expression, fun and development.




The falling video documents the students working collectively, being experimental and making a drawing in space using feathers. Improvisation and creativity is the essence of our being, something we were born with then strive to recapture. The video is a record of their collective emotional responses, movements, connections and curiosities.


“Put on your ‘aesthetic’ lens and see the beauty in the faces, the movements, the materials. Put on your ‘inquiry’ lens and wonder about what is going on with the materials, the minds and senses. Put on your ‘rights’ lens and think about the child’s right to be, to wallow, to share beautiful moments. Put on your ‘advocacy’ lens and think about what you can do to make it happen.”

Carmel Brennan, Early Childhood Ireland, in Foreword to The Lullaby Project*



The process involved introducing the students to ways of abstract mark making using a range of exploratory techniques, processes and experimental materials, large and small scale. They gained a confidence in experimental and expressive mark making. Each mark made was considered, thoughtful and meaningful. They listened to their own rhythms and made work that was sensitive, thought provoking and individual.


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